Protyl Ag™ Rx Wound Gel

(hyCURE® is a unique Type 1 Bovine Hydrolyzed Collagen; 1% Silver Oxide)

Protyl Ag™ combines the wound healing benefits of hyCURE and silver oxide to provide a favorable moist wound environment for wound healing.

For prescription use only, Protyl Ag™ is indicated for treatment of partial and full thickness wounds.

  • Pressure injuries (Stages 1-4)
  • Superficial wounds
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Grafted wounds and donor sites
  • First and second degree burns
  • Surgical wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Ulcers resulting from arterial insufficiency

Protyl Ag is an absorbent hydrolyzed collagen gel for the management of exudative wounds.

It provides a physiologically favorable moist wound environment for wound healing. Protyl Ag absorbs excess wound exudate. Protyl Ag is made from natural materials that contain the proteins and amino acids that constitute the major building blocks of normal skin and connective tissue as well as silver as preservative to control bacterial growth within the gel.

Protyl Ag provides a physiologically favorable environment that encourages wound healing and conforms to the wound site.

It is easy to use, biocompatible and biodegradable. Protyl Ag supports natural autolysis by rehydrating and softening necrotic tissue and eschar thereby encouraging autolytic debridement. The silver preservative in the dressing controls microbial growth within the gel.

Product Administration


Cleanse the wound site using normal saline or sterile water


Apply a layer of gel directly into the wound site and onto the surrounding area.​


Cover wound with a non-adherent dressing. Reapply gel and redress as needed.


To ease removal, moisten with sterile water or normal saline.

Protyl Ag Dosage Calculator

Calculate the amount of Protyl Ag needed for your patient’s wound. Simply enter the wound dimensions and duration of therapy anticipated and the dosage calculator will estimate the amount of Protyl Ag needed.

Please note that estimates are intended to be a guide only and assume a constant wound size throughout the treatment period. Adjust estimates based on our clinical experience and the individual wound characteristics. Calculation not intended to override independent clinical judgement or institutional protocols.

Enter wound information

Estimate the amount of Protyl Ag ointment to prescribe for your patient.



The proper length of ointment needed for wound debridement will differ depending on amount of Protyl Ag used. Calculation not intended to override independent clinical judgment or institutional protocols.

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Apply to wound as directed daily for [X] days.

Protyl Ag Universal Copay Program.
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